MUST READ: Stephen King’s The Shining

Sometimes the scariest and craziest thoughts can lead to such an adventure in the world of a novel. The Shining, by Stephen King, is no different. It’s about a struggle between right and wrong, between reality and fantasy, and between ourselves and those we love. This horror story will take you somewhere you’ll never forget and leave you wondering what kind of demons may be lurking under the surface of yourself and those around you.

Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror
Plot Summary: The novel follows Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy and their son Danny as they travel to the Overlook Hotel for the winter. Jack is a recovering alcoholic with a vicious temper, Wendy has considered divorce, and Danny “shines”, allowing him to read other people very quickly. The Overlook has a history of death and destruction and the family remains alone at the hotel for the entire winter as the weather bears no visitors and no mercy. The Shining shows what happens when three very different people in one family, are left alone for months and how silence can really be deafening.
Why you should read it: This horror novel is packed with twists, turns, gore and things that are just unexplainable. It takes you to the core of Jack Torrance’s soul and his struggle to decide between good and evil. You won’t be disappointed by the images conveyed, the depth of the characters or the insanity that is sure to come at the Overlook Hotel.
Publisher: Gallery Books
Length: 528 pp.

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