CHEAP SKATE: Score Great Deals at CVS

Welcome to Cheap Skate, our biweekly column offering tips and tricks for bargain hunting. We know how broke you are. So we’re going to help you get the most for your money!

Admittedly, I only go to CVS on occasion and sometimes I’ll go to Rite Aid if it’s simply easier. But Koupon Karen insists that great deals can be had at CVS while stocking up on all the essentials.

Here are some tips for saving moolah at CVS:

– Sign up for an ExtraCare card. Even if you always lose these cards like I do, they can type in your phone number to give you your points.
– Save those coupons you get when the cashier hands you your receipt.
– There’s also a coupon printing center so you can see what deals are available to you before you shop. “Be sure to scan your card a few times until it tells you there are no more coupons – I’ve done it up to 3 times and kept getting coupons,” says Koupon Karen.
– If you don’t mind one more email in your inbox, sign up to receive more coupons via email.
– Buy a CVS Bag Tag for a $1 to earn points every time you use the bag. “It doesn’t matter how many tags you purchase, the bar code is the same on all of them and you’ll only receive credit for one tag a day,” Koupon Karen says.
– “CVS offers ExtraBucks Rewards every week on different products that they put on sale.  It’s like getting an instant rebate back on certain purchases.   The products are listed in their weekly ad and in the stores,” according to Koupon Karen.
– Four times a year, you can earn 2 percent of your money back in the form of ExtraBucks Rewards. “At the end of the quarter you’ll automatically receive your ExtraBucks Rewards,” says Koupon Karen. “Then you can use them towards anything in the store except prescriptions, tobacco, lottery and a few more things.  All restrictions will be noted on the ExtraBucks Rewards.”
– For every $50 you spend on beauty items at CVS, you’ll earn $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards. Koupon Karen advises that you ask someone in the beauty department for more information.
– Fill your prescriptions at CVS and get $1 in ExtraBucks for every 2 prescriptions.

And now you’re well on your way to earning rewards for all the cash you spend at CVS!


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