LOVE LESSON: Don’t Meet Up with Your Ex

This is our “Love Lessons” column. Every week, we publish a mini-essay (100-250 words) about a single thing that can make or break a relationship. To submit your own entry, email

If you meet up again post-break up, it’ll make it all the much harder to let go.

“He your boyfriend?” Dominique asked.

“Was,” the young co-ed said with a wistful smile at the guy in question. “Once upon a time.”

“Once upon a time,” Dominique repeated, watching while the once-upon-a-time-boyfriend, leaning forward. The young woman leaned into him, their foreheads almost touching as they stared into each other’s eyes.

What Dominique didn’t know was this was the first time the two kids saw each other since that tearful phone conversation that ended their brief, but undoubtedly intense, union.

That was the first time she saw her ex in over 2 months and all of those feelings she had for him which had laid unresolved, the algae on the fish tank of my heart, bubbled to the surface. It caused nothing but hurt and confusion.

They never got back together (for many reasons) and until she found the perfect guy, she thought about this one, wasting all that energy wondering, Should I have gotten back together with him? Most often, the truth is if you were meant to be together, you never would have broken up in the first place.

Don’t meet up with your ex. It’s just a recipe for trouble. – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

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