FRIDAY FINDS: Lovely Leggings!

Happy Friday, M.L.T.S. readers! My name is Crosby and I’ll be joining you for a weekly dose of fashion and fun. “Friday Finds” will feature items hand-picked for you by M.L.T.S. columnists that are on trend and ready to wear!

Okay, guys. So, I’m going to tell you about one of my greatest (and priciest) obsessions as of late. Printed leggings! I’ll admit, I might be a tad biased in this post, but the trend is definitely hot right now. They’re a great way to accessorize and bring new life to a plain outfit.

Steal. Etsy really is a goldmine, if you know where to look. And this is definitely the right place. Style Bari carries tons of adorable printed tights and leggings that are perfect for any outfit.

Lace Mesh & Cotton Purple Leggings, Photo courtesy of stylebari @ Etsy

These leggings especially. With a cute black dress and some boots, you’re set for the day! At only $18, they’re definitely worth a look see.

Split. Floral is all the rage, and has been for quite some time. These girly patterned leggings are perfect for spring, summer, or any time!

Soft Rose Pattern Printed Leggings, Photo courtesy of

A tad bit more expensive than our previous pair, but adorable nonetheless. Make ’em yours for $26.99.

Splurge. To be honest, these leggings are the whole reason I wrote this post. I’ll admit, I’m obsessed, and I’m sorry for exposing everyone to the wonderful company that is called Blackmilk. I am a proud Sharkie. I only own two pairs, but that’s enough to get me hooked. I have the rainbows galaxies and the starry nights. You’ll understand in just a second.

Aurora Skye, Woman in Red Ep. 1, Beetlejuice, and Starry Night leggings, Photo Courtesy of

Yeah. Get it now? They’re amazing. And addictive. Made out of the most comfortable spandex you’ll find. The company is based in Australia. The owners are amazing. There are meetups for girls who wear their leggings, dresses, and skirts. The only bad thing? You pay for quality. The leggings range anywhere from $78 – $83, and add shipping onto that and they come out to be $100 leggings. But they’re worth it! I swear. The comments I get while wearing these are nothing short of awesome, and I totally feel like a rockstar when I wear them anywhere. I usually pair them with black (a black dress, a black skirt/grey shirt). Easy to style, ridiculously comfortable, and totally trendy! I highly recommend them. (:

Thanks for reading Friday Finds! I’d love to hear your feedback. What did you think? Would you like to see some ways to wear the outfits? Let me know in the comments!


One response to “FRIDAY FINDS: Lovely Leggings!

  1. Mmm, I love leggings! i’m saving for a pair of Black Milk (the Gustav Klimt ones) so I’m happy that you posted some on your blog.

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