LOVE LESSON: Grow Old and Disgusting Together?

This is our “Love Lessons” column. Every week, we publish a mini-essay (100-250 words) about a single thing that can make or break a relationship. To submit your own entry, email

“I want to grow old loving you.”

This was the sentiment of one of the more romantic Valentine’s Day cards I saw at Rite-Aid on my first V-Day with Chris. I wanted to buy it because even then, I felt that way about my boyfriend, with whom I had been for about a year at that point. But then, feeling that way and saying it out loud (or even in a card) are very different concepts.

Most girls, I think, myself included, are scared to actually share these words with our boyfriends. What if he thinks I’m crazy? Or, What if he doesn’t feel the same way? Many of these are the same doubts that arise when we consider saying those three words, “I love you.”

And certainly, our parents would think we’re crazy. Who could know what they would want something for the rest of their lives?

Well. I think these excuses are a bunch of hooey. You should have this conversation with your significant other. I wouldn’t say that you should let the outcome of the conversation make or break your relationship, but it’s important to know where you stand if you think that you might want to spend the rest of your life with this person.

I had this conversation with my guy. “Do you want to marry me and have babies with me?” I asked when I was a little more tipsy than I’d like to admit. I’m not going to tell you what my baby said, but it’s good that I know how he feels. – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

[photo from Think Geek]


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