EDITOR’S NOTE: Woman in Charge

Women have trouble at work; we all know it. They pay us less than they’ll pay a man doing the same job. They let fewer of us into positions of power.

Being a woman is considered, by some, to be a handicap. And we definitely get treated differently, no matter how up the ladder we’ve climbed. Check out what Mindy Kaling has to say about the effect her gender has on her ability to be the boss:

“One thing I have noticed — and this is really the first time I’ve noticed how being a woman has affected my job — is that sometimes, after I’ve made a decision about something, there’s a level of discussion that people think I am willing to entertain that probably wouldn’t happen if I were a man. I have learned that when I make a decision, sometimes I just need to leave the room.”

Do you take advantage of a female boss thinking that she’ll understand you better or be more open to cajoling? Do you expect your female professors to be more empathetic to you?

And if so, do you think those qualities make for a better boss? I don’t think so. I’d rather have a firm boss; it’s too easy to be wishy-washy when you don’t know what’s expected of you. And as Editor-in-Chief, I’ve seen how people will take advantage of you if they’re think you’re kind and understanding. We need to stop giving ourselves excuses and just get done what needs to get done.

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