What Facebook users say about Election Day 2012

As is only fair, there are a lot of strong opinions about tomorrow’s impending decision between two presidential candidates. Here’s some of what I’m seeing on Facebook:

One young woman is worried that you’re going to forget election day. “Can we all stop with the ‘Fifth of November’ crap? Tomorrow is Election Day, how about we remember that?”

A PA resident reminded her friends that tomorrow an ID is not required to vote. “Just a reminder for Pennsylvania: Even if you don’t have ID, your votes WILL be counted tomorrow. For this election, at least.”

Some are concerned about their friends’ uninformed opinions hurting us all. “If you go to the voting booth tomorrow without having a thorough understanding of your candidate, do me a favor and unfriend me when you get home.”

Here’s one post that made me want to scream: “Tomorrow is election day! Please take 20 mins from your day to make a vote, make a stand, make a change for your future. I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR NOBOMA! i will stick a needle in my eye before i would even consider it. PLEASE go out and vote tomorrow!!”

Another wants you to THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN! “I really hope people make the right decision tomorrow and think about our future. Think about how your future kids will be affected. Think about whether or not you would want them to have health care even if they couldn’t afford it or have social security when they needed it. About whether you want them to be able to make their own decisions about their bodies and follow whatever religion they want and love whoever they want without scrutiny. It’s not all about the economy (which neither president can easily fix despite promises). It’s about happiness and fairness. Sorry for my rant. Sincerely, scared that people will believe a candidate who changes his positions like he’s playing musical chairs.”

And then the coolest professor I know posted: “I’m outta here until the election is over. Later!” Sounds like he’s got the right idea. Perhaps I’ll disable my Facebook phone app and ask my boyfriend to change my password until tomorrow is over…

– Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


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