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Two gynecologists answer your sexual health questions

Writer Julie Zeglen asks basic questions of two gynecologists.

Girl at the gynecologist's office

Remember your first visit to the gynecologist’s office? Maybe you’d rather not. Wearing that oh-so-flattering one-sided robe, sticking your feet in those cold, metal “stirrups” – as if you wanted a reason to think of yourself as a horse – and squirming through the vague but personal details of your hookup history for a complete stranger’s edification…

Maybe we can’t all be as witty as Juno when addressing the phrase “sexually active,” but we can prepare ourselves to make the best of a potentially awkward experience. Sexual health is as important to your well-being as that of the rest of your body, and seeing a doctor can help keep you in tip-top shape.

Resident gynecologists Dr. Aiga Charles and Dr. Srijaya Nalla of Crozer Chester Medical Center in Upland, PA answer some basic questions to optimize your sexual health knowledge.

M.L.T.S.: When should women begin seeing a gynecologist, and how often after that should they go?

Dr. Charles: The first visit to the gynecologist should be around age 13-15.  Typically this is only an interview, not including an exam, and is purely for information sake.  Subsequent visits depend on whether or not she is sexually active, if yes, then she should be seen yearly, if not and she has not complaints regarding abnormal bleeding, then she does not need to be seen until age 21 at which time she would need a pap smear.

Dr. Nalla: The first visit should take place between ages 13-15, for an age appropriate discussion of pubertal development, menses, prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, substance abuse and overall healthy habits. Typically they should go every year, but as needed if they have any concerns, and especially [if they are] being tested for STIs or need birth control, etc. Continue reading


Hey, Girl. Think Twice About that Large Soda

Research done by University of Michigan marketing professor Aradhna Krishna into the effects that size labels on food and drinks has garnered some interesting (if maybe just a little predictable) results.

In one experiment using cookies, she gave test subjects the same size cookie but labeled as medium and as large. She found that those eating the “medium” cookies tended to eat more of them and thought they’d eaten less than if they’d eaten the “large.” Which totally explains why Americans are all so fat, right?

“Krishna said the psychological principle at work has big ramifications because a 32-ounce soda at McDonald’s is called a large soda, but the same drink at Wendy’s is called a medium,” write NPR’s Helen Thompson and Shankar Vedantam. “A small coffee is 10 ounces at Dunkin’ Donuts and 12 ounces at Caribou Coffee. When you trust labels, you could end up eating and drinking a lot more than you thought.”

So give some thought to these things the next time you eat out. We’re not telling you not to eat fast food. I mean, what are we, a nanny-state government? (We say, only half-seriously.) But you’re young. You want to live forever don’t you? Let’s get smarter about what we put into our bodies!

BEAUTY ARSENAL: Coconut Oil for Problem Skin and Dried-out Hair

This is the Beauty Arsenal. We’re bringing you beauty tips and tricks every other Tuesday to help you look your best.

Do you suffer from little acne-like bumps on your upper arms, thighs or backside? Or have otherwise cracked skin that seems to get nothing out of normal lotions? Is your hair extremely dry and brittle? Do you subject your hair to a lot of coloring or other heat-treatments?

Well, if you’re dealing with any of these problems, we’ve got the magic solution: coconut oil. Just ask Lesley, writer over at

There is science behind this miracle cure.”Coconut oil, being a triglyceride of lauric acid (principal fatty acid), has a high affinity for hair proteins and, because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft,” according to this boring academic paper.

So, if you’re in need of a potion to cure what ails your skin and hair, grab yourself a bottle or jar of coconut oil. We recommend Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (maybe you caught our interview with the founder of the company in the fourth issue?). – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

MAD MANI’S: Oh, The Things You Can Do With Sharpies

Welcome to Mad Mani! Every other Wednesday, we’ll be sharing the wicked-cool manicures (and pedicures) we’re seeing across the World Wide Web.

Photo and mani by Katy @ Nailed It

So today’s edition of Mad Mani’s features a round-up of really cool designs done using Sharpies.

Photo by Sammy @ The Nailasaurus

Found on Pinterest. No original source.

Pretty frickin’ sweet, huh?

BEAUTY ARSENAL: Zap Zits with Banana Peels

This is the Beauty Arsenal. We’re bringing you beauty tips and tricks every other Tuesday to help you look your best.

Plagued by acne? Zap those zits with banana peels! Here’s how you do it:

– Cut a small piece of banana peel (after you’ve eaten the banana, of course).
– Rub the inside of the banana peel over the affected area for 5 minutes or until the peel’s inside turns brown.
– Clean the skin around the affected spot with lukewarm water but be sure to let the peel work its magic and dry out the zit.
– Repeat at least three times a day.

This idea and the directions come from Kanel Strand. She did a second post showing the day-by-day progression of the treatment.

The other pimple treatment we know involves rubbing a dab of plain toothpaste on a red, sore zit. In a matter of a day or two, it’s dried out, but still a little red if memory serves.

[Image: Flickr user Karl Faktor]

MAD MANI: Glittering Coral Digits

Welcome to Mad Mani! Every other Wednesday, we’ll be sharing the wicked-cool manicures (and pedicures) we’re seeing across the World Wide Web.

Our current favorite manicure is this one, which we’re calling Glittering Coral Digits. Again, we’re not sure whose handiwork this is; we found it on Pinterest, as we do most things these days, and there wasn’t a source.

Know whose genius this is? Please let us know!

To recreate the look, use China Glaze Coral Star nail polish ($5 on Amazon) and Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Boom Boom Pow ($21 on Beauty Collection).

Say It With Them: “This is My Body” Video

This video, featuring a series of women talking about their rights as the owners of their bodies, is spine-tingling. I watched it and was seriously moved.

“If I choose to have sex, I have the right to birth control and to be spared the demeaning insults that you’d never want leveled against your daughter or mother. My pursuit of orgasm is neither unnatural nor dangerous nor scary nor an infringement of your religious liberty. My sexual activity exists for my benefit, not your pleasure. And it’s never my fault if you rape me. I am done being excluded from decisions about my sexual and reproductive health. This is my body. Not yours.”

And would you believe it was created by a dude? Jason Stefaniak created it. After you’ve watched the video, be sure to “Like” the Facebook page.

What would you say if you were to be in a video like this?