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Miranda Kerr’s Got the Rx for Your Relationship Problems

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

Read on for Miranda Kerr’s advice on keeping your man interested. (Barf bags are not included.)

Dunno how I missed this earlier, but apparently, Miranda Kerr — she of the Victoria’s Secret fame who married Orlando Bloom and refused to let him leave the room while delivering his spawn — shared her relationship advice on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson earlier this month.

“My grandma said, ‘Men are very visual, so don’t forget that,'” Miranda said. “She said, ‘Every day, put a little makeup on, put on some nice underwear, and you’ll keep your husband.'”

I know you’ve heard the argument against such sexist notions before. It’s insanely ridiculous to tell an audience that you can “keep” your man if you look good enough, as if to say that should he cheat on you or break up with/divorce you, it’s your own damn fault. Yeah, you lazy good-for-nothing opposite-of-a-hottie.

Well, the quote kind of got Cosmopolitan’s Korin Miller wondering. In her blog post on December 5, she posed the question: “[W]hat do guys do for us to bring the sexy?”

She continued, writing, “We mean, most try to seduce us in grotty old boxers and have zero qualms about downing garlic bread before a makeout session, while we repeatedly whip out matching lingerie and avoid stinky foods to keep things hot.”

Honestly, I don’t even make that much of an effort. Sure, I dress up for work, and I take pride in having beautiful hair, but I also love garlic more than any other spice on this green earth. And he of the “grotty old boxers” doesn’t get super fancy lingerie because, guess what? I don’t get freebies from my day job as a super model. I can’t afford $6-a-pop lace panties. Sorry.
So yeah, he’s just got to love me the way I am. If he’s not turned on by the sight of my tight, plump butt in a light blue cotton panty, then it’s not on me. So please, Miranda Kerr, you who probably wake up looking like a goddess, shut up about how we mere mortals can keep our men. Ugh.
-Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

Why These 4 Arguments Against Increased Gun Regulation Make No Sense


My intelligent cousin, trained as a social worker, shared the above meme on Facebook today. Normally I agree with her views and the things she shares. Today, I disagree. At least with the statement that “Guns are not the problem.”

Unless you just came back to sea level from an underwater mission, you’ve heard about the massacre Friday in Newtown, Conn., where a seriously disturbed 20-year-old murdered 26 people and then himself. After a lot of shock, people started talking about how this should be the impetus for changes in gun regulation and safety laws. Of course, those who feverishly cherish their guns and their precious right to bear arms got all up in arms about the argument. “This isn’t a time for politics,” we were told.

But it most certainly is the time to talk politics. And gun control. And mental health. And parenting. And social responsibility. Here are the reasons given by those who do not want increased gun regulation and safety laws: Continue reading

We Want Birth Control for All Without a Prescription

Birth Control

We’re arguing that birth control SHOULD be available over the counter.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently recommended that birth control should be available over the counter. This professional organization, which is comprised of doctors specializing in reproductive health, argues that this policy change would reduce the number of unintended pregnancies. Approximately half of all births in the United States are unintended, as it has been for the last 20 years, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Such a move would, as I see it, benefit lots of people. First, it would benefit teenage girls who want to be on birth control but have trouble getting access to it without parental approval and young women in their 20s who experience gaps in birth control because of its unaffordability. (This puts them at particular risk of unintended pregnancy.) And it would benefit women of all other ages who are subject to human error on their gynecologist’s end.

It would also benefit taxpayers who foot the $11-12 million bill racked up by all of those unintentional births.

Providing low- or no-cost birth control has been proven to significantly reduce the number of births. As was shown in a recent study published by the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal, the birth rate among 9,000 girls and women who were given free access to birth control was found to be 6.3 per 1,000 rather than the national rate of 34.1 per 1,000.

As a teen, I wanted birth control to control my periods, which came at an unbearable two weeks apart. For whatever reason, my mother didn’t seem to want me on the pill, even though she’d always said that if I wanted to have sex I should come to her. And this wasn’t even so I could have an awkward, sweaty three minutes in “heaven.” I just wanted four weeks without seeing red.

So a friend and I went to the clinic at nearby Einstein Hospital after school, where they told us we’d have to come back at 8 a.m. on a Friday to get in the queue for a walk-in appointment. There was no way I could do that. The school had an automated call system to notify your parents if you were late or absent. I would have been found out!

And so I didn’t get on the pill until I was in college. Thank goodness I hadn’t had sex before that. But for those who are also afraid of their parents finding out their actually having sex, making birth control available over the counter is a really smart move. 

Even after you’re out of your parents’ house, it can be hard to afford birth control, which can run as much as $60 for a month’s supply. And despite every uninformed man’s humble opinion that a $5 version of the pill works the same as a $60 version, it’s not that simple. For whatever complicated chemical reason, a woman can react poorly to different brands.

This can be a problem when there’s a mix-up at her gynecologist’s office and the wrong pill is ordered and the pharmacist can’t reach anyone to fix the problem because it’s a Saturday. Making the pill available over the counter would eliminate all of this and would allow our menfolk to rest easy that their wives won’t turn into a raging, horny mess with whom a conversation requires something much “like navigating through a minefield” and whose aches can be soothed “with a couple pelvic shakes.”

And let’s consider how making birth control easily accessible, which reduces the birth rate, would allow more American women to find financially stable jobs before they find themselves with child.

As the ACOG reports, “Access and cost issues are common reasons why women either do not use contraception use or have gaps in use.” And of course, making birth control accessible over the counter will not eliminate human error on the part of the sexually active person – indeed, we’ve all heard that abstinence is the only surefire birth control – but it is reprehensible not to make birth control as easy to obtain as possible. It’s really just plain good sense.

– Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

Obama Gets Re-Elected, Our Vaginas Smile

In case you haven’t been following the election coverage – this just in: Women won. Last night we voted against “Mittens” Mitt Romney, the idea that rape is God’s plan and that we silly women shouldn’t be able to control our own bodies, including things like abortion and birth control. Just like the 55 percent of women (and 52 percent of men) who stood in 4 hour line-ups last night to vote for Obama, I agree that our reproductive rights are not negotiable – and I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow gender for the outcome of this election. Not only did we exercise our right to suffrage last night, but we banded together and stood up to patriarchy in a way that we never have before.

It’s true that I am not American – I am Canadian. But living close to the most powerful country in the world, I endured constant anxiety like the rest of my friends last night through Twitter feeds, Facebook statuses and news shows, just like for the many months leading up to the election. The whole day could be compared to being on too many energy drinks and sitting in a shopping cart while your friend pushed you through a parking lot. There were obstacles to be sure, such as the infamous voting machine that turned an Obama vote into a Romney vote. However, there were also moments that brought peace of mind: Much to my and seemingly everyone’s pleasure, Claire McCaskill legitimately shut down Todd Akin, putting him out of the senate.

And after Fox News loses its shit over Ohio and Romney took 87458 million years to concede after Ohio was called for Obama (@Aminatou tweeted: I just beat you and this is crazy but the election is over, so call me maybe? Mitt is on some real Pete Campbell shit right now #concede) he finally came out of his hole to give his concession speech, confirming our belief that Obama was clearly the better choice. “Besides Ann,” he told the world, “Paul was the best decision I ever made.” Romney also reiterated over and over the importance of prayer and that he would pray for Obama and the rest of America (because, you know, we clearly need more Mormon hate-filled-love). Oh, Mittens.

Of course, Obama completely rocked the podium:

Meghan McCain said today while co-hosting Anderson Live that she “cried a little in bed” after Obama was re-elected, but was happy that issues regarding equality were passed. Meghan may be a Republican, but she’s a 26-year-old Republican who is known for her support of controversial topics such as sex education, birth control and gay marriage (which was passed in 3 states: Maine, Maryland and Minnesota). Meghan also noted on Anderson Live that she was happy about the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts. “If I want to smoke weed, it’s nobody’s business.”

More news from last night:

  • We voted in the first disabled female veteran (Tammy Duckworth), the first Asian woman (Mazie Hirono), and the first open lesbian (Tammy Baldwin).
  • At least a record breaking number of 18 women will serve in the senate starting in 2013.
  • A woman sitting behind the president became famous for her hair style and may have started a new trend. #Flaghairlady

Lady Gaga even took time to post this Facebook status after her show in Columbia last night:

Lady Gaga: I JUST GOT OFF STAGE IN COLUMBIA!! CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT Barack Obama We are so proud to be American tonight! YES!!! YES! YES!! we just couldn’t be happier my goodness, the joy when freedom prevails

And conragulations DENVER on your cannabis legislation. shante YOU STAY. And to Tammy Baldwin for being elected the first openly gay senator in the HISTORY of The United States.

But Gaga wasn’t the only one overseas to react to Obama’s victory. In a Huff Post slideshow, you can see people around the world celebrating, such as in China, Kenya and Russia.

How did you celebrate Obama’s victory last night? Let us know in the comments below.

What Facebook users say about Election Day 2012

As is only fair, there are a lot of strong opinions about tomorrow’s impending decision between two presidential candidates. Here’s some of what I’m seeing on Facebook:

One young woman is worried that you’re going to forget election day. “Can we all stop with the ‘Fifth of November’ crap? Tomorrow is Election Day, how about we remember that?”

A PA resident reminded her friends that tomorrow an ID is not required to vote. “Just a reminder for Pennsylvania: Even if you don’t have ID, your votes WILL be counted tomorrow. For this election, at least.”

Some are concerned about their friends’ uninformed opinions hurting us all. “If you go to the voting booth tomorrow without having a thorough understanding of your candidate, do me a favor and unfriend me when you get home.”

Here’s one post that made me want to scream: “Tomorrow is election day! Please take 20 mins from your day to make a vote, make a stand, make a change for your future. I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR NOBOMA! i will stick a needle in my eye before i would even consider it. PLEASE go out and vote tomorrow!!”

Another wants you to THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN! “I really hope people make the right decision tomorrow and think about our future. Think about how your future kids will be affected. Think about whether or not you would want them to have health care even if they couldn’t afford it or have social security when they needed it. About whether you want them to be able to make their own decisions about their bodies and follow whatever religion they want and love whoever they want without scrutiny. It’s not all about the economy (which neither president can easily fix despite promises). It’s about happiness and fairness. Sorry for my rant. Sincerely, scared that people will believe a candidate who changes his positions like he’s playing musical chairs.”

And then the coolest professor I know posted: “I’m outta here until the election is over. Later!” Sounds like he’s got the right idea. Perhaps I’ll disable my Facebook phone app and ask my boyfriend to change my password until tomorrow is over…

– Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

Recap: Obama – Romney 2012 Presidential Debate

Romney and Obama shake hands at the second debate

Romney and Obama shake hands at the second debate

At tonight’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, we saw the shifty way Romney evades the real question while trying to tell America that our president is evil.

The second debate began with a question from a 20-year-old college student named Jeremy, who asked, “What can you say to reassure me, but more importantly my parents, that I will be able to sufficiently support myself after I graduate?”

Romney was the first to respond and his reassurance to Jeremy featured the refrain, “I know what to do.” Here’s his response to Jeremy’s question (annotated with our observations): Continue reading

Professor James Franco

How’d you like to see this handsome face behind the podium at the front of your classroom?

If you’re a film student at University of Southern California, consider yourself lucky. James Franco, the “actor-Oscar-host-soap-star-artist-poet-novelist,” will be teaching a course, alongside his business partner Vince Jolivette, at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, as reported by the L.A. Times.

The class will be separated into eight teams, each of which will produce a short movie no longer than 10 minutes, all of which will be combined into a longer film. The class, which an email from USC calls “The Labyrinth,” is meant to produce films that explore “the unknown, the unexplained and the unimaginable.”

“There may be one hiccup in Franco’s teaching schedule, however: His next film, ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful,’ is set to hit theaters in March. That means he’ll likely be busy promoting his role as the Wizard for at least a couple of weeks during the spring,” reports the L.A. Times.

We’re sure his students will understand.