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MY PLEASURE – Positively Porn


Sorry for the delay, ladies! I was immersed in the porn kingdom that we all call the internet.

Porn. It’s never really something I’ve been into. I mean, I’ve watched it with partners, made fun of it with friends, and occasionally gotten off to it alone. But I certainly don’t surf the web for it regularly.

I mean, what exactly is porn these days anyway? Is this video porn? Or is it an advertisement for Carl’s Jr.?

Look – I really don’t want to be one of those gurls who are all like, ‘eww, porn is gross.” I actually want to be able to tell you porn isn’t just for guys – in fact, it’s awesome and you should watch more of it. But I’m just not sure. So I’m going to put on my journalist cap and fill you in (bad-joke) on what there actually is out there in terms of female-friendly porn.

What is female friendly porn? It’s sex-positive porn that’s not demeaning to women – unless you’re looking for that kind of kink. It’s porn that’s more about the art than just cutting to the chase. While I’m sure many women like watching other women get called sluts and get cum all over their face within ten seconds of the film, I don’t. Maybe some of you don’t as well.

I’ve been told there are lots of female sections on porn sites which appeal to women. So I went to the female section of Porn Hub. While there, I came across a seemingly lesbian experience called “Danejones Teen Cums Sitting On MILFs Face.” Classy.

When it comes to porn on the occasion that I watch it, I tend to pick something like this because, 1) Most guys I find on porn videos are old, ugly and just fucking gross like Ron Jeremy, and 2) Watching a woman get off by another woman is a lot hotter than the previous paragraph.

But I’m also curious to know if lesbians even find videos in the female section stimulating. Because, you kind of know the women in the video aren’t going to be real lesbians and they’re just acting.

Plus, when you’re watching this video, there’s an ad beside it of Ron Jeremy fucking some gorgeous woman young enough to be his daughter. And that’s kind of a turn off.

Other sites similar to Porn Hub are UPorn, RedTube, 18SchoolGirlz and TNAFlix. A lot of these revolve around calling the women “whores,” “sluts” and fucking teenage girls. Even the storyline porn is sexist. However, this gem promotes that you stay in school.

But there must be something out there that’s not directed towards men, right? Here is a list I have deemed female friendly for your pleasure:

HBO. The whole channel. While some shows might be deemed pretty sexist, there is a lot of nudity almost in every scene. It’s great when you’re relaxing with your partner, or home alone and in the mood. Plus, there are lots of lesbian scenes and the shows are pretty open in terms of sexuality. HBO is free on many cable networks, such as Shaw where the shows save automatically on Shaw On Demand.

HD Porn. Unlike the porn mentioned above that might be considered unclassy and even “gross,” sites such as Passion-HD or X-Art offer beautiful people fucking, beautifully. However, the sites lack a variety of ethnicities and shapes, and still aim their advertising towards men. But if you’re looking for something free and more artfully done, then Passion-HD is your source, while X-Art seems very similar while requiring a fee.

Feminist Porn. If you’re willing to pay for good, non-sexist porn, women such as Erika Lust or Anna Span are your go-tos. Both offer a wide selection of straight or lesbian porn. Both work to promote a sex-positive atmosphere. However, Anna Span does use the word “slut” more than a few times in the lesbian section – so it all depends on your perspective of the word.

Other examples of sources for female-friendly porn sources are fan fiction and erotica novels.

I hope this helps, ladies! If you would like to add to my research, please comment below and help other women find sex-positive porn.