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Kelsey McIntyre’s Fashion Career is Serendipitous

Kelsey McIntyre designed Serendipity Clothing

A model wearing Serendipity designs. (Photo courtesy of Kelsey McIntyre)

Kelsey McIntyre is a fashion designer based in Edmonton, Canada. Writer Manda-Lee Brownrigg caught up with her

Pursuing your passion is terrifying. It is a freedom that comes with many obstacles, and not everyone can face those head on and leap over them. You have to decide that what you are passionate about means enough to you to pursue and enough to the world to be shared. In order to do this, you must truly love what you do. Kelsey McIntyre, the 28-year-old designer of the clothing line Serendipity and the new partner in the Kelly Madden and Serendipity Flagship store, is in love with her career. “It’s all about doing what you love,” she says. “But don’t settle. Whatever you decide to do, do your best at it.”

Getting to Serendipity

McIntyre started homeschooling in seventh grade and she loved it. “I’m a fast learner,” she says. “It was great to not have to wait for classmates to be finished. I could just move at my own pace, which was pretty fast.”

It was around that time, at the age of 13, that McIntyre decided she would be a fashion designer. “It was then that it wasn’t just I can sew, it became this is a career I can choose: sewing and designing fashion,” McIntyre says. And that was it. “I flirted with other ideas, but it always came back to this.” Continue reading


FRIDAY FINDS: The Bow Back Dress

Happy Friday, M.L.T.S. readers! My name is Crosby and I’ll be joining you for a weekly dose of fashion and fun. “Friday Finds” will feature items hand-picked for you by M.L.T.S. columnists that are on trend and ready to wear!

After a week off for band camp (cue the American Pie quotes), I’m back! And this week, just in time for back to school, I bring you bow backed dresses! Bows are definitely in style, and bring out your inner girly girl. Plus, in the heat, these dresses are cute and comfy!

Steal. I’ve definitely talked about ASOS before, and, as you know, they carry some cute stuff. The color is perfectly bright for the first month of school, and the peek a boo in the front is just enough to be cute and not too much.

ASOS Summer Dress In Bow Back, Photo courtesy of

And for $22.14 (on sale!), you can’t beat that.

Split. Lulus is another one of my favorite stores. I actually own a dress like this from Charlotte Russe. But Lulus does it just right. The peach color is super trendy, and you can make that bow yours in the back! Tie it big, small, or just let the ties hang down in the back; it’s a nice surprise to an otherwise simple dress.

Honey Dipper Peach Dress, Photo courtesy of

And for $42.00, it’s worth a look.

Splurge. This dress, I think, is my favorite. Aren’t the most expensive always? Oh the life of a poor college student. Anywho, while sold out on the site, I’ve heard through the grapevine that Mura will be getting this one back. The puffy skirt is perfect and flattering on anyone, and the color is a wonderful, vibrant red.

Prom Night, Photo courtesy of

But $59.00 is just too much of my paycheck, at least. Worth adding to your wishlist though!

Thanks for reading my Friday Finds column! I’d love to hear your feedback. What did you think? Would you like to see some ways to wear the outfits? Let me know in the comments!

FRIDAY FINDS: Lovely Leggings!

Happy Friday, M.L.T.S. readers! My name is Crosby and I’ll be joining you for a weekly dose of fashion and fun. “Friday Finds” will feature items hand-picked for you by M.L.T.S. columnists that are on trend and ready to wear!

Okay, guys. So, I’m going to tell you about one of my greatest (and priciest) obsessions as of late. Printed leggings! I’ll admit, I might be a tad biased in this post, but the trend is definitely hot right now. They’re a great way to accessorize and bring new life to a plain outfit.

Steal. Etsy really is a goldmine, if you know where to look. And this is definitely the right place. Style Bari carries tons of adorable printed tights and leggings that are perfect for any outfit.

Lace Mesh & Cotton Purple Leggings, Photo courtesy of stylebari @ Etsy

These leggings especially. With a cute black dress and some boots, you’re set for the day! At only $18, they’re definitely worth a look see.

Split. Floral is all the rage, and has been for quite some time. These girly patterned leggings are perfect for spring, summer, or any time!

Soft Rose Pattern Printed Leggings, Photo courtesy of

A tad bit more expensive than our previous pair, but adorable nonetheless. Make ’em yours for $26.99.

Splurge. To be honest, these leggings are the whole reason I wrote this post. I’ll admit, I’m obsessed, and I’m sorry for exposing everyone to the wonderful company that is called Blackmilk. I am a proud Sharkie. I only own two pairs, but that’s enough to get me hooked. I have the rainbows galaxies and the starry nights. You’ll understand in just a second.

Aurora Skye, Woman in Red Ep. 1, Beetlejuice, and Starry Night leggings, Photo Courtesy of

Yeah. Get it now? They’re amazing. And addictive. Made out of the most comfortable spandex you’ll find. The company is based in Australia. The owners are amazing. There are meetups for girls who wear their leggings, dresses, and skirts. The only bad thing? You pay for quality. The leggings range anywhere from $78 – $83, and add shipping onto that and they come out to be $100 leggings. But they’re worth it! I swear. The comments I get while wearing these are nothing short of awesome, and I totally feel like a rockstar when I wear them anywhere. I usually pair them with black (a black dress, a black skirt/grey shirt). Easy to style, ridiculously comfortable, and totally trendy! I highly recommend them. (:

Thanks for reading Friday Finds! I’d love to hear your feedback. What did you think? Would you like to see some ways to wear the outfits? Let me know in the comments!

CHEAP SKATE: Score Great Deals at CVS

Welcome to Cheap Skate, our biweekly column offering tips and tricks for bargain hunting. We know how broke you are. So we’re going to help you get the most for your money!

Admittedly, I only go to CVS on occasion and sometimes I’ll go to Rite Aid if it’s simply easier. But Koupon Karen insists that great deals can be had at CVS while stocking up on all the essentials.

Here are some tips for saving moolah at CVS:

– Sign up for an ExtraCare card. Even if you always lose these cards like I do, they can type in your phone number to give you your points.
– Save those coupons you get when the cashier hands you your receipt.
– There’s also a coupon printing center so you can see what deals are available to you before you shop. “Be sure to scan your card a few times until it tells you there are no more coupons – I’ve done it up to 3 times and kept getting coupons,” says Koupon Karen.
– If you don’t mind one more email in your inbox, sign up to receive more coupons via email.
– Buy a CVS Bag Tag for a $1 to earn points every time you use the bag. “It doesn’t matter how many tags you purchase, the bar code is the same on all of them and you’ll only receive credit for one tag a day,” Koupon Karen says.
– “CVS offers ExtraBucks Rewards every week on different products that they put on sale.  It’s like getting an instant rebate back on certain purchases.   The products are listed in their weekly ad and in the stores,” according to Koupon Karen.
– Four times a year, you can earn 2 percent of your money back in the form of ExtraBucks Rewards. “At the end of the quarter you’ll automatically receive your ExtraBucks Rewards,” says Koupon Karen. “Then you can use them towards anything in the store except prescriptions, tobacco, lottery and a few more things.  All restrictions will be noted on the ExtraBucks Rewards.”
– For every $50 you spend on beauty items at CVS, you’ll earn $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards. Koupon Karen advises that you ask someone in the beauty department for more information.
– Fill your prescriptions at CVS and get $1 in ExtraBucks for every 2 prescriptions.

And now you’re well on your way to earning rewards for all the cash you spend at CVS!

Vintage T-shirt Softness in 3 Days

To buy this t-shirt, click on the picture.

Love the feel of a really old t-shirt and want to get that feel even faster? Follow this tip and you’ll have a baby-soft tee in just 3 days!

Mix 1 quart of water with 1/2-cup of salt. Let t-shirt sit in salt water mixture for three days (this is called “letting it brine”). Then, machine wash with detergent and tumble dry.

Now, a t-shirt that’s as good as OLD! Teehee.

FRIDAY FINDS: The Peter Pan Collar

Happy Friday, M.L.T.S. readers! My name is Crosby and I’ll be joining you for a weekly dose of fashion and fun. “Friday Finds” will feature items hand-picked for you by M.L.T.S. columnists that are on trend and ready to wear!

Here’s your fun fact of the week! Peter pan collars are named after actress Maude Adams’ famous role as Peter Pan in 1905. It became a fashion sensation back then, and up until the 1930s and 1940s. And now, it’s back in style. Big time. What I love about this trend is that, like the high-low hem, it can be applied to a ton of different pieces such as necklaces and shirts. But today, I’m going to focus on dresses.

Steal. Mart of China is a wholesale clothing site that sells, well, really really cute stuff at amazing prices. Unfortunately for me, since I’m a bit on the bigger side, they often don’t have my size, or make garments in only one size. But! There is hope. I’ve found a few pieces on this site that are perfect, such as…

Spot Print Chiffon Dress with Peter Pan Collar, Photo courtesy of

This peter pan collared dress! The polka dot print is timeless while the lace collar puts the dress on trend. Perfect for class or work! And for a $11.43, it’s definitely a steal.

Split. This dress is perfect for the first time peter pan collar wearer. It’s plain enough that the focus is still on the collar and buttons. And, while it might look like a dress you wore when you were 4 or 5, it’s definitely still chic today.

Tracey Georgette Peter Pan Collar Stripe Dress, Photo courtesy of

It comes in only two colors, teal or pink, and both are flattering on any body. For only £12.00 (which is about $18.70), you can add it to your wardrobe. 

Splurge. To be honest, it’s always the splurges that I want most! This dress is a perfect example of how a peter pan collar can look cute, but grown up, all at the same time. The back has a little peek a boo panel that adds just a touch of sexy to an otherwise conservative dress.

Flower Print Open Back Dress with Peter Pan Collar, Photo courtesy of

But unfortunately, for a poor college girl like myself, I’ll have to admire from afar with a price tag like $67 (it’s on sale from $90.70). Still, maybe some of you can add it to your closet!

Bonus! And, because I couldn’t resist not showing you guys, here’s my favorite dress I came upon while writing this column. It’s a tad pricey ($72.94), and I personally think a bit dressy for my wardrobe at least, but super cute. Check it out!

Beautiful Black Peter Pan Collared Dress, Photo courtesy of ASOS Marketplace

Thanks for reading Friday Finds! I’d love to hear your feedback. What did you think? Would you like to see some ways to wear the outfits? Let me know in the comments!

HOME STYLISH HOME: Turning Wood Pallets into Furniture

Because we believe that your dorm, apartment or home is an extension of your own personal style, we’re going to be bringing you fresh new decor ideas with our Home Stylish Home column.

This was made by layering painted wooden pallets, fitting with foam and upholstering those foam pieces. Pretty fancy schmancy.

Or you could go as simple and rustic as this: