Staff and Partners

Rosella Eleanor LaFevre, Editor-in-Chief 
Education: Studying magazine journalism at Temple University
Extracurriculars: Work a day job in a departmental office at school; run M.L.T.S.; do freelance writing for other publications; blog at The Happy Millennial; oh, and I just self-published my first novel, Calixte, a young adult romance.
Favorite food: It would have to be either my fried potatoes (pan-fried in butter with sweet onion and seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary) or Brussels sprouts and sweet onions pan-fried in bacon grease and seasoned with garlic powder. Just yummy!
Favorite movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
Favorite band: It’s a dead heat between Hanson and No Doubt.
What you love about journalism:
The best class you’ve taken: Politics of Identity, a general education sociology course. I devoured the readings and learned so much.
One tip to help others survive college: Get an internship, start a business. Do something outside of class. I’ve learned so much more by doing than I’ve learned in any class.
I wear this over and over: A gold necklace with a curlicue-shaped pendant with a purple stone. My boyfriend gave it to me our first Christmas together and it was the first piece of jewelry a partner ever bought for me.

Cary Carr, Love Smudged Columnist
Education: Senior at Temple University with a journalism major and public health minor
Extracurriculars: Veteran dancer for the Wings, Philadelphia’s NLL team; Go-go dancer at Whisper nightclub; writer for JUMP magazine and The Temple News; Health and Fitness Editor for Her Campus Temple; peer tutor at the Business Communication Center; frequently consume iced coffee; obsessively find any bit of sunlight to bathe in
Favorite food: Vanilla frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips
Favorite book: It’s a tie between The Bell Jar and In Cold Blood
Worst nightmare: That religion and government will become even more intertwined
What you love about M.L.T.S. Magazine: It actually appeals to a college-based audience and provides advice that we all can relate to
One tip to help others survive college: Don’t pass up any opportunities that come your way. It may take hard work, but you’ll regret it if you don’t go for your dreams.

Christopher Doctor, Love Doctor

Belle Rose, Writer

Amanda Van Slyke, My Pleasure Columnist


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