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LISTS: 3 Awesome Handmade School Supplies

Nothing excites me more than brand new school supplies. Only, now I’d rather get handmade supplies from a hardworking artist than go to Staples or OfficeMax for generic products that everyone else has. Here are three items I found on Etsy that have me salivating! – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

Personalized Chevron Flat Notecards – $8.75Living away from home? You really should write your grandmother a note every now and then. These notecards have a chevron (zig zag, really) design on top and your name at the bottom. Very chic, melindayingling.

Handbook for the Recently Deceased Journal – $29.95

This blank journal is made by Etsy seller n3do, and looks just how I remember the Beetlejuice prop. It’s a little pricey but can you imagine how cool it would be to take notes in your Philosophy of the Afterlife class in this journal? Pssh. Sign me up!

Personalized Zebra Computer Sleeve – $27.95

How cute is this computer case made by Etsy user BeachyMommas?

Picture it: there you are in the student center or the computer lab and you realize everyone has the very same computer you do. But lucky you, instead of some generic black computer case, you’ve got this flashy sleeve with your very own initials embroidered on the flap. Now you’re set (apart), baby!


FRIDAY FINDS: Gold Bangles Galore

Happy Friday, M.L.T.S. readers! My name is Belle and I’ll be joining you for a weekly dose of fashion and fun. “Friday Finds” will feature items hand-picked items for you by M.L.T.S. columnists. Everyone loves a bargain, especially in this economy, so everything  featured here will always be under $100 with options lower than $10 for the thrifty fashionista.

Today’s items will feature one of my favorite accessories: the gold bangle. The right combination of arm candy is always classy and chic. You can never go wrong with any of these twists on the classic gold bangle. If money is tight, a great go-to is always adding new accessories to your wardrobe. Bonus: the gold hue beautifully compliments sun-kissed skin! Perfect for summer!


Short on cash? Here are a few budget-friendly bangles.

Pearlescent and Faux Stone Bangle Set by Forever 21 — $7.80

Blue Montana Faceted Glass and Gold Bangle by Cecileis – $10

These bangles are serious steals at $10 and under. Buy multiples to achieve the trendy stacked look.


Gorjana Anchor Gold Bracelet – $40

More bracelet than bangle, but too cute not to share. Doesn’t this make you want to stroll down the boardwalk with an adorable maxi dress and lovely wedges? Yes, please!

Delicate Stones Bracelet by Melanie Auld Designs – $80


If you have some cash to spare, I suggest going with this beautiful Melanie Auld bracelet. The shape and shimmer of this gold bangle is just beyond stunning. I haven’t stopped coveting it from the moment I laid eyes on it!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this edition of “Friday Finds” as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you! (Seriously, who doesn’t love trolling the internet for girly items?)

Come visit every Friday to see what we have in store! We’ll be bringing you discounts and giveaways, as well as our own beautiful brand of wit and wisdom. If you have an item suggestion, please feel free to send me an e-mail or add me on Facebook.



FRIDAY FINDS: BMA Modified Inverted Cross Sweater

I’m not particularly religious but I’ve always been drawn to cross iconography. That classic Vogue cover with the sweatshirt emblazoned with a jeweled cross always sparks my style lust. And perhaps it’s because I’m not religious that I’m particularly drawn to this crew sweater from BMA Modified with a simple black inverted cross. You can get it over on Etsy for $33. Buy one for me while you’re at it! – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

Item of the Day: Silver Skull Ring

I have kind of a thing for dark jewelry. I have never dabbled in the goth look, but for some reason when I see a skull or snake or claw or fang in accessory-form, I have to have it. For example, refer to this post on the claw cuff… Anyway, I recently added another skull ring to my sinister collection. This one is from BCBG… check it out:

I couldn’t find the exact same one for the item of the day, but I found one that is similar and fabulous on Etsy. 

You can purchase this version of the silver skull ring here, for just $12.00!

Item of the Day: 1950s Red Mohair Sweater

This 1950s vintage sweater, found on Etsy.com, is simply beautiful. It comes in a bright lipstick red, which is sure to be flattering on most skin tones. I love how it is styled here, with a thin red belt and jeans to give it a more modern look. You could also wear this top with a slim skirt and a pashmina. Check out VeraVague’s shop on Etsy for this item and other great vintage pieces! -Hillary Biggs

Item of the Day: ellen Vintage’s eReader Cover

I’ve been reading Sarah Dessen’s Along for the Ride on my Kindle (great book, by the way) and while I have a plain black zip-up cover for it, I’ve been browsing Etsy’s selection of eReader covers and I love the choices. This one, the $24.90 I Miss You Paris cover by ellen Vintage, is one of my favorites. She also makes this for the iPad.

What are you reading, and how are you reading it?

Item of the Day: Carousel Ink Drape Top

“A doe, a deer, a female deer.” Can’t you just hear Julie Andrews singing to you when you look at this picture? The Nashville, TN-based trio behind Carousel Ink designed this $26 Life Elixir Drape Top in Chocolate Black adorned with the image of a female deer dressed up and hawking “Life Elixir,” said to bring you an incredible life. I’m falling head over hoofs for it! – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre