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Get Those Letters of Recommendation With These Tips

After 16 years or so of school, you’re in love. You can’t stand the idea of leaving the cushy confines of a university campus. Real job? Real funny, you say. You’re going to stay a student forever.

To do that, you’re going to need letters of recommendation. (And you could need ’em for other reasons.) But how the hell do you go about getting them? Well, with the tips published over on InsideHigherEd.com’s GradHacker blog.

Among these dos and don’ts:

– DO ask ahead of time (way ahead of time).

– DO supply supplemental materials with the request.

– DO express your gratitude in some way.

– DON’T ask those who don’t know you well enough.

– DON’T demand, and don’t push if the person balks at your request.

– Rosella Eleanor LaFevre