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LISTS: 3 Awesome Handmade School Supplies

Nothing excites me more than brand new school supplies. Only, now I’d rather get handmade supplies from a hardworking artist than go to Staples or OfficeMax for generic products that everyone else has. Here are three items I found on Etsy that have me salivating! – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre

Personalized Chevron Flat Notecards – $8.75Living away from home? You really should write your grandmother a note every now and then. These notecards have a chevron (zig zag, really) design on top and your name at the bottom. Very chic, melindayingling.

Handbook for the Recently Deceased Journal – $29.95

This blank journal is made by Etsy seller n3do, and looks just how I remember the Beetlejuice prop. It’s a little pricey but can you imagine how cool it would be to take notes in your Philosophy of the Afterlife class in this journal? Pssh. Sign me up!

Personalized Zebra Computer Sleeve – $27.95

How cute is this computer case made by Etsy user BeachyMommas?

Picture it: there you are in the student center or the computer lab and you realize everyone has the very same computer you do. But lucky you, instead of some generic black computer case, you’ve got this flashy sleeve with your very own initials embroidered on the flap. Now you’re set (apart), baby!