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Terrified of Making Presentations? Try These Tips

Every time I get in front of an audience and have to present, I get really nervous. My stomach quivers and I perspire. I stutter and frequently lose my train of thought.

Even if you know the topic like the back of your hand, presenting in front of people might make you nervous. If you experience the same shakes and sweats when you’re forced to talk in front of class or present an idea at your internship, you should check out the tips expert Darlene Price offers up.

Price, who authored Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results (Barnes & Noble, $21.95), offered a few tips to USA Today‘s Anita Bruzzese. Among them:

– Picture yourself, standing tall, in the space where you’ll be speaking.

– Use your webcam to record yourself saying ten positive statements about yourself (like, “I am confident,” and “I am in touch with my audience”). Say them over and over until you feel confident. Then, watch the video.

– Memorize your opening so that you can easily make eye contact with the audience.

– Pretty quickly, get the audience involved. Ask them questions they have to raise their hands to answer, etc.

– Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


Lucky Enough to Be Young and Employed? Start a Roth IRA

Did you recently graduate from college and got the job of your dreams, despite all obstacles? First of all, congratulations! I’m a little jealous. Especially if you’ve got money leftover after rent, bills and student loans… Just in case you’re one of the 5 people this applies to (this is not a real statistic; I’m not in school to be a statistician), then here’s some advice: Start a Roth IRA.

Again, I’m not in school to be a statistician or accountant or anything that hollowed, so don’t take it from me. Take it from USA Today’s John Waggoner, who wrote an article outlining the benefits of a Roth IRA and telling you which one to pick depending on how risk-averse you are.

“Your best bet — assuming you’re willing to take some risk — is an IRA at a discount brokerage house, such as Schwab, or E-Trade, or a mutual fund company,” Waggoner writes.

So check it out. And when you’re old and retired and you’ve got a small pile of money, you can thank me for sharing this with you. Cash and presents will be accepted. – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre