About M.L.T.S.

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Mission Statement:

M.L.T.S. Magazine is the premier creator and curator of lifestyle, education and careers information for young women in and just out of college. According to data from the Institute of Education Sciences, 7,333,697 female students enrolled in four-year colleges in fall 2009, which was 56.8 percent of the total enrollment that year, and yet there is no source available year-round to provide the information they need to make the most of their lives and educations now while preparing for their future careers.

With ever-better reporting and writing, M.L.T.S. seeks to fill that void with coverage of the topics that matter most to young women between the ages of 17 and 23, chief among them: getting the most out of school, preparing for the working world and enjoying the finest clothes, beauty and entertainment products a broke student can afford. We aim to inform and encourage the world’s future leaders and will remain optimistic about the future of our world.

M.L.T.S. Magazine is published quarterly in both digital and print formats.*

*Our print version is currently only available via the print-on-demand services of MagCloud. Soon, we hope to do full print runs so that the cost to you will be less. Because print-on-demand isn’t always the most affordable option for our readers, our digital version is FREE.


The magazine is broken up into the following sections:
– Most Stylish: This section is dedicated to fashion.
– Most Beautiful: The make-up/hair/fitness/wellness section.
– Most Loved: This section is all about how the get the most out of your familial relationships, friendships and love life.
– Most Valuable: This section is dedicated to career advice and articles.
– Most Entertaining: This section covers everything from music to books, film to TV.
– Features: This section is dedicated to fashion editorials, cover profiles and other long-form articles.


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